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PLEASE NOTE that Roswell Mission is not (yet?) a "full-fledged" 501c3 organization with "tax write off" status, but a board is being formed and the application process is under review. At present Roswell Mission is simply registered with the state of New Mexico as a non-profit business entity (i.e., not required to charge sales tax on in-store sales, etc). Thankfully, SOME support rolls in from those not requiring tax write offs when giving. If this is you, I'd really welcome the help!

"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not...

Recent Unsolicited Testimonials:

"Dear Guy Malone, I want you to know that it was YOUR video from Roswell on aliens being demons that finally made me realize that Jesus was real! And I became a Christian and was born again that same night! God bless you and your wonderful ministry!! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping lead me to Him." Nancy Sigrid Kindt

"I've been watching your old videos from the
ancient of days conferences. Thank you for your ministry Guy..."
   Gonna do it again in 2017 [😉]  Here's the link, hope you can make it ...
"Thanks Guy! Dying to get out there! I have introduced
your book to my congregation..."
   Didn't know you pastored Jeff, honored to know my work is equipping many others then.
"It is! I pastor a Nazarene church in southern Michigan. Your work has inspired me and my congregation...."
   Wow that's very encouraging to learn sir! I'll hit you up for missionary support sometime now that I'm back to stay.
"Please do! I'm here to help your ministry!" Jeff Rolfe, Armada Community Church of The Nazarene

"Thank you for all you do. Started following your work a few years ago and it changed my life completely. I grew up in the X Files generation with a fascination on aliens/UFOs, and because of you guys now I know the truth behind it all, and how to prevent anything unwanted entering my life. You have no idea how your cause and info has set me and many others free! Thanks again" Hannah Riley