UPDATE : JOE JORDAN and GUY MALONE in Roswell July 2018, with ALIEN INTRUSION movie...

Just like my book is free to read online, all teaching videos from past conferences I've organized here in Roswell are available for free online viewing, via AR's YouTube Channel and/or for individual purchase at $14.95 (plus shipping) each via  www.AncientofDays.net

Popular selections include

Guy Malone "Are Aliens Demons?"

Dr Michael Heiser, PhD "Why an Extraterrestrial
God Appeals to Today's Culture"


Joseph Jordan "The Spiritual Nature of Abduction Reports"

Gary Bates "Alien Intrusion : UFOs & The Evolution Connection"

Dr William (Bill) Alnor, PhD  "Aliens & Demonology: A Study Through History and Scripture"

Dr Michael Bennett, PhD "Communication with Non-Terrestrial Beings : Biblical and Historical Warnings"

"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not...