"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not...

Welcome friend. You are not here by accident.

Videos on YouTube:

“Roswell 1947: What Really Happened?”
“Not Against Flesh & Blood: The Rulers Over Roswell”

by Guy Malone, CBP

“Unholy Communion: Entertaining Angels Unaware”

     by Joe Jordan Mutual UFO Network

“Alien Intrusion : The Evolution Connection” 
     by Gary Bates, CEO Creation.com

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Did you pick up that crazy flyer in Roswell??  Here's the books!

Alien Intrusion : UFOs and the Evolution Connection *
​Come Sail Away (With Me) : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible (Full Color Version)
Come Sail Away (With Me) : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible (Black and White)
Piercing the Cosmic Veil : You Shall Not Be Afraid of the Terror by Night

* You might also like the Alien Intrusion DVD movie

"Ancient Aliens Debunked" <Full Website On YouTube 
     by Chris White, w/ Michael Heiser, PhD  
Approaching 9 million views! 
       Back-up link (History Channel keeps trying to get this video removed, but loses in the appeal every time.)

“Aliens & Demonology: A Study Through History and Scripture"
     Dr William (Bill) Alnor, PhD
"Communicating w Non-Terrestrials: Biblical & Historical Warnings"
     Dr Michael Bennett, PhD
“Why an Extraterrestrial God Appeals to Today's Culture"
     Dr Michael Heiser, PhD

"First Christian Symposium on Aliens Survey Results & Panel Discussion"
​     filmed on location in Roswell, New Mexico   Part 2    Part 3

“The Hoax Alien Invasion, How Wernher von Braun Revealed NASA's Plan to Weaponize Space” 
Recommended Books