In Person!

127 North Main St Roswell NM 88203
Please address physical mail to
Roswell Mission

PO Box 2786

Roswell NM 88202

"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not...

The "Ancients of Days"  Rocks, Fossils, Geodes storefront in the heart of downtown Roswell (right on the "big intersection" of 2nd & Main, caddy corner from The UFO Museum) generously allows me (Guy) to work, to offer my book and unique views, and to greet visitors at their shop, with absolutely no overhead.

While I do not keep regular hours (and please note that I still have to "work for a living" elsewhere, evenings) I am "in" several days each week. Please email to let me know you're coming and hopefully we can meet in person!

Whether visiting in person or not, your email is welcomed via‚Äč