Welcome! Roswell Mission links you to my past research, websites, and conference outreaches accomplished while serving the seeker community (as AlienResistance.org)  with "Alternate" and/or biblical views on UFOs and Alien Abduction from 1999-2010.

THOUSANDS visit Roswell New Mexico as their "mecca" - as an attempt to seek out ultimate truth in the UFO and "alien" topics.
MY "mission" is to meet them downtown with the truth they are really after! This currently happens from inside of the
Ancients of Days Rocks & Geodes store on 2nd & Main part-time, while "iso" of a unique building to occupy full-time, from which to offer resources and even a daily free public lecture to those who visit Roswell.

Look around this site and for tons of free resources that might answer your own questions. I'm "all about" equipping you to help others with their questions. And please contact me (Guy Malone) at boldlygo@roswellmission.org to let me know how else I can serve you. 

Yours because His,

​Guy Malone

I'm honored to have my testimony featured in CMI's upcoming new movie, ALIEN INTRUSION, in theaters January 11th.
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"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not...