"And the light shineth in darkness;
and the darkness comprehended it not...

I'm honored to have my testimony featured in CMI's full-length feature film, ALIEN INTRUSION, playing in Roswell July 6 & 7th, 2018,

in conjunction with Galacticon Sci-Fi Film Fest !

Come meet Guy Malone and Joe Jordan (as seen in the trailer above)

as we repeat and film (for hi quality DVD) the talks that we're best-known for (
see here for previous versions of these talks on YouTube).

Seating is limited and offered freely on a "first-come" basis, at no additional charge to the Galacticon $5 Day Pass (wristband required for seating).  Find us at the Roswell Daily Record Meeting Room (next to JCPenney's), or at our table with other Galacticon participants.

  DVDs being recorded on FRIDAY JULY 6th:

  10am - "Roswell 1947 : Deconstructing the Mythology & Demolishing the Stronghold"

  12Noon -  "Not Against Flesh & Blood : The Rulers Over Roswell"

  2pm - "Unholy Communion : Entertaining Aliens Unaware"

We will be back at 6pm for a live q/a period following the 4:15pm screening of "Alien Intrusion : Unmasking A Deception" at Allen Theaters / Galaxy 8 which we (Jordan & Malone) both have several appearances in.

Come here our talks in person, see the film, and ask us anything afterwards! Joe Jordan will have DVDs of the film "Alien Intrusion" on hand for sale for those who can't make the film times, or who love the movie enough to want to take it home!

CAN'T COME FRIDAY???  Alien Intrusion will play again on Saturday July 7th at 1:25pm at Allen Theaters / Galaxy 8. Admission is included with Galacticon's Sci-Fi Film Fest $5 Day Pass.